Thrussington Primary School – Buy a Brick

Thrussington Primary School - Building Our Future

Thrussington Primary School, nestled in the heart of our community, has been a pillar of education for generations of children. With a rich history and a commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment, Thrussington Primary School is now embarking on an exciting journey towards constructing a new school hall. To support this ambitious project, the Thrussington PTFA has initiated the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, inviting community members, parents, businesses, and friends to contribute towards the creation of a vibrant space where students can thrive and excel.

The new school hall at Thrussington Primary School will be the cornerstone of its academic and extracurricular activities. It will serve as a multi-purpose space, accommodating a variety of events such as assemblies, performances, sports activities, and community gatherings. With this vision in mind, the school is reaching out to its extended family for support, allowing everyone to become an integral part of building a brighter future for the students.

The ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign presents an opportunity for individuals, families, and local businesses to contribute to the construction of the new school hall. By purchasing a brick, donors will leave a lasting mark on the school and make a tangible impact on the educational experiences of the students.

Participating in the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign is both simple and rewarding. Individuals and businesses can visit the Thrussington Primary School PTFA website. Businesses are able to donate an amount of their choice (minimum of £50) and can have their logo and business name on the plaque.

The ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign acknowledges the importance of recognising the generosity of its donors. As a token of gratitude, each donor’s name, or the name of their choosing, will be prominently displayed on a commemorative plaque within the new school hall. This serves as a lasting tribute to their invaluable contribution towards enhancing educational opportunities for the students of Thrussington Primary School.  All donors will receive a certificate that will be displayed publicly on the PTFA website and social media platforms.

Community Unity and Involvement: The ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign is more than just a fundraising initiative; it is a chance for the community to come together and rally behind the future of its children. By participating in this campaign, community members can demonstrate their support for education, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within Thrussington and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, the campaign encourages engagement, inviting community members to attend fundraising events, volunteer their time, and actively participate in shaping the school’s future.

Thrussington Primary School’s ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign represents an exciting opportunity for the community to contribute towards the construction of a new school hall. By purchasing a brick, individuals can directly impact the educational experiences of the students while leaving a lasting legacy within the school. Together, we can build a vibrant and versatile space that will nurture the growth and development of countless generations to come. Join us in this noble endeavour and help us lay the foundation for a brighter future at Thrussington Primary School.